Christ Stamps
Shipping costs:

Shipment with a value above 800 Euro will be only shipped as a parcel for insurance reasons
Postage will be individually calculated for you. Multiple items will be automatically combined.

Shipments within Germany
Uninsured shipment. Value up to 25 Euro. Compact sized envelope up to 50 gr Uninsured shipment. Value up to 25 Euro. Cover up to 500 gr, Value above 25 Euro. Flat fee.
1,20 €
2,00 €
5,00 €


Shipments Worldwide
  Shipments up to 500 gr. (Value up to 30 Euro) Shipments up to 500 gr. (Value above 30 Euro). Including tracking. Shipments up to 1 Kg. Including tracking. Shipments up to 2 Kg. Including tracking. Parcel up to 5 Kg Parcel up to 10 Kg
EU (Zone1)
4,50 €
8,00 €
12,50 €
22,- €
20,- €
20,- €

(Zone 2)

30,- €
Worldwide (Zone 3)
40,- €
Worldwide (Zone 4)
46,- €

The zones are the same as issued by DHL:

ZONE 1: Belgium, Monaco, Bulgaria, Netherlands (no non european territorries), Denmark (not Färöer, Greenland), Austria, Estona, Poland, Finland (not Aland islands), Portugal, France (no non european territorries), Romania, Greece (not mount Athos), Sweden, Great Britain (no channel islands), Slowakia, Ireland, Slowenia, Italy (no Livigno and Campione d'Italia), Spain (no Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla), Lettland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Luxemburg, Cyprus (not turkish part), Malta

ZONE 2: Aland Islands (Finland), Kosovo, Andorra, Croatia, Albania, Liechtenstein, Armenia, Livigno (Italiy), Aserbaidschan, Mazedonia, Belarus, Melilla (Spain), Mount Athos (Greece), Moldavia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Campione d'Italia (Italia), Norway, Ceuta (Spain), Russian Federation, Färöer-Islands (Denmark), San Marino, Georgia, Switzerland, Gibraltar (Great Britain), Serbia, Greenland (Denmark), Turkey, Iceland, Ukraine, Channel Islands (Great Britain), Vatican City, Canaries (Spain), Cyprus (Turkish part), Kasachstan   .

ZONE 3:Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Marocco, Israel, St. Pierre and Miquelon (France), Jordania, Syria, Canada, Tunesia, Libanon, USA

ZONE 4: Alle countries and territorries not included in Zones 1,2 and 3.

international parcels will be exactly calculated by weight.

Please note if additional surcharges from DHL occur, the postage cost might be higher. We will send you an exact calculation, after the order arrived.